Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gracie's 6th birthday party

Our attempt at an Alice In Wonderland cake.
Waiting for her friends to come
Gracie and her best buddy Jonah and their decorated hats
With Presley and Joseph too
Time for the tea party, the brothers always have to join the fun.
Connie came on her lunch break to celebrate with us. Wouldn't be the same without Connie there.

William being a goofball and making everyone laugh.

Everyone with their hats and then it was time to paint the roses red.
They did so good and no one got paint on themselves!
Then they got to decorate cupcakes.

Time to blow out the candles
She told William he could help (she is the best at sharing).

These are little piggy candles I found for her.

She got a lot of fun stuff but the best part was sharing the day with all her friends.

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