Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Living Room

When we moved into the house we painted the living room and dinning room and light grey that was actually a light blue. We were never crazy about it and it wasn't long before I was dreaming of a dark bluish green paint on the walls. Well there is this thing that happens when you are pregnant called nesting and this dream finally became a reality.
Russ and I worked very hard to get it done fairly quickly, I really wanted to get it done before we started homeschool again because we do homeschool in the dinning room.
We added white molding to the ceiling and around the windows and we love it. It feels like that room has "grown up". It is still not completely done because we are putting a family tree up but it is really close to being finished. And we even got the timeline up before school started.
Also before school started I wanted my wall map hung which required Russ to go up in the attic and add a stud for it to be hung into since we now had molding. This is what his arm looked like when he came down for a drink,.

I felt so bad every time I looked at him. It was so hot up there. This guy does so much for me!
But look at how great it looks!

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