Thursday, August 1, 2013

July randoms

I'm glad these two like each other.
Snuggled up on the couch at Connie's watching Man From Snowy River
I had to cheat and open my eyes to see this but it was just so cute.
Gracie and Joe asked me for some gum and when I came into the kitchen to get it down for them this is what I saw.


Gracie holding Lennon. I am sad Gracie is blurry in this picture but I love Lennon's cheeks and cute smile.

"Is that a giant pickle?" Connie gave a watermelon that someone brought to her work.

Joe's super sad pouting.

Russ playing face swap with the kids - creepy.

One night for dinner we had Nacho Libre salad and Gracie made everyone's into a face.
Falling asleep at nap time.

I guess this is comfortable

We went over to the Carters to see their nine puppies that their dog Dolly had. They were so tiny and cute and we were all in love. I am glad we went to see them because later they all got Parvo and died. It was so, so sad and all the kids cried over it.

Here is William and Laney doing face swap. It was pretty funny.

And I ended the month with an awesome girls night to go and see the premier of Austenland. Such a good movie, if it is playing in your area you should definitely go see it.

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