Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School

This year I felt a little rushed to get our newly painted room back in order for school. I also planned on doing things a little differently this year and that always take time and preparation. I decided to sign the kids up at a public school here that is a home school enrichment program where they go to school one day a week. They go one day a week and get to participate in fun things like P.E., computers, music, and library. Plus it gives me a day to run errands with only one kid and get some stuff done. 
The Sunday before they went to school we had a back to school dinner and then Russ gave them priesthood blessings.
Here they are before they left on the first day.

Joseph was sad to see them go and it made me glad that it is only one day.
William took off to his class room and never looked back. I took Gracie to her room and helped her find her seat. I even got a little teary eyed leaving her there. So far the school has been good. Gracie wanted to stop going for awhile but I encouraged her to give it a few more tries and I think she is passed that now. Usually when I pick them up and ask what their favorite part of the day was they say lunch.:)

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