Monday, September 9, 2013

Growing Joe 9/7

We decided to put Joe in the toddler bed we had down in the basement since he was already climbing out of his crib. He was pretty excited. 

Joseph also decided he wanted to be a big boy and go on the potty. I did't want to do this before the baby came because I know that he will most likely just regress but he just started going on the potty so I went along with it. Here we are in the library. I have to leave the stall because he always tells me, "you can leave me alone." 

It has been nice not having to change diapers and he hasn't had too many really messy accidents but he is not 100%. It is pretty frustrating so I just put him in diapers most the time and a lot of the time he will still go on the potty but in the event that he has an accident I am not stressed out. 

His biggest problem is when we are not home. He doesn't want to have to tell me he needs to go to the potty he just wants to go by himself so he will just go in his pants. 

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