Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bear Canyon Lake 9/23

We really wanted to go camping before this baby comes (kind of like I want to get caught up on this blog before she comes). We borrowed a canoe from the Carlings from our ward and headed up to Bear Canyon lake.
Here we are, finally ready to go and Joseph slept most the way there. We got there pretty late so we wanted to get set up and dinner going before it was too dark so I didn't get any pictures but it was nice eating hot dogs and smores and reading stories around the campfire.

Starring at the campfire first thing in the morning.

After we got up and had our breakfast we decided to see what the hike down to Bear Canyon Lake was and if we would be able to carry the canoe down there. It was beautiful but we decided that it would be too hard to carry the canoe down to it so instead we drove a little ways to Woods Canyon Lake for our little boating excursion. 
Russ hung up a hammock for me and realized it is more of a kids size.

The kids sure loved it.
Ready to go canoeing.

I enjoyed being on lake I just wish I had remembered sunscreen.

We found a spot where Joseph could play and Russ could try to fish.

We found a purple beetle.
William really wanted to steer the canoe so we let him take Gracie for a ride. He did a really good job.

Joseph had a lot of fun potty training in the woods, unfortunately he felt like he needed to undress completely to go to the bathroom.

See this belly, the is the reason we decided to stay just one night. I could not get comfortable and got no sleep. Russ also didn't get any sleep cause he was cold.
So we made dinner had smore's one last time and packed up camp.

Looks like Joseph is having a good time.

This was the driftwood "fish" that William found at the lake.
It was so fun. We really do love camping and hope to go more often.

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