Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Chickens

On July 3rd our friends that had given us our other chickens decided to give us the rest of theirs because they were in Tuscon during the week and it was getting too hard to take care of them. Getting all the chickens was quite an ordeal. Some escaped the yard and Russ was up of the fence trying to get them. It was so hot trying to round them up but we eventually got them all...except one. 

A few days later Rusty and Natali found that it was stuck under their coup and had been without food or water but was still alive. When they brought it over it quickly became a favorite of Williams and was named Shadey.

The kids love gathering and cooking with the eggs. Here is Gracie helping me make quiche.

And they really love selling their eggs and making money. Joseph doesn't usually get paid but sometimes we give him some money so he doesn't feel left out.

 There was a hen with 8 chicks so we put them in the coup and let all the older chickens roam around the yard. We really like our chickens. Russ loves them.

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