Friday, April 20, 2012


I have been fighting an inner battle with myself the past week about what is most important (that sounds more intense than it is, I just didn't know how else to put it). Each day when I look at my nasty kitchen floor and the toy room that literally looks like an explosion, not to mention the guest bed being piled sky high with stuff I feel a guilty pang that says, "you are not doing your job". But then I remind myself why. This week I have two sister-in-laws in town. Each with a cousin in tow. On Sunday we all got to visit with Mindy and Carmen and on Tuesday we met up at Chick-fil-A and let the girls play and play (they could go on for hours with the little dramas they create) while we got to talk. They were in town buying a house! We are so excited we are going to have them close(er).
Ashley and Sam are also here and on Friday night (or was it Saturday?) my parents got some food and brought it over to my house and we visited and ate and had a good time. Joseph and Sam especially had a good time since they found an unattended (luckily clean) toilet to play in. Then they got to play in the bath.

Then they ran around in diapers while we all watched.

It makes me remember when they looked like this.
Also remember that the skinny little boy on the left is 5 months older than the solid little boy on the right.

Oh look, Joseph is throwing something. Big surprise.

We sand nursery songs while they were on the stage and they loved it.

Then my dad turned into Harry Potter.

And Connie explained why she was NOT going to cut her hair short when my mom suggested she should.

But guess what? She did it anyway a few days later and it looks dang cute.

This week also involved friends, parks, thrifting, date night (Hunger Games again), family picnics (still doing Easter), and tonight a concert (Florence and the Machine!!!)
And when I really think about it, those things are important too. More important to me than a clean kitchen floor.


  1. I think I am going to blow up that picture of dad with the glasses. I CAN'T WAIT FOR FLORENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love your little family- and you are right. having a clean house is nice, but definitely not most important. xo

  3. Yep, definitely more to being a mom than cleaning. Thank heavens! Sounds like a wonderful week.

  4. Where do I start, Debbie?

    1. I feel the same way, about being overwhelmed and letting cleaning slip by the wayside. I have some different reasons than you, but the feelings are the same. I also agree and have to remind myself constantly that it is not the end of the world if my house is not spotless!

    2. The second picture of the boys in the tub is absolutely priceless.

    3. I love that Sam is actually 5 months older than Joseph! Ha, ha! And, I love the older pictures of them you linked to. Precious.

    4. "Oh look, Joseph is throwing something. Big surprise." This made me laugh out loud. Mostly, because I can relate.

    5. The picture of your dad with the HP glasses is too awesome! :)

    6. Also enjoyed the picture of Connie and how funny it is that she was so adamant about not cutting her hair and, viola!, it looks totally cute. :)



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