Friday, April 27, 2012

A late Easter Picnic

Since my sister in law Ashley and nephew Sam came into town a week after Easter we decided to wait and do our family picnic with them. 
Joseph had fun playing with his nother mother. Gracie called her that a long time ago and I still call her that because if anything ever happens to Russ and I she gets the kids (does my blog count as a will?).

We brought the stroller to ride down the hills, of course.

We also tried to get a picture of all the grand kids (we were only missing 3).

Sam loved it:)

The it was time to ride down the hill while the grown ups hid the eggs.

my girl.

My camera battery died at this point so the rest are taken with my phone
Sam was getting fussy so we let him start the egg hunt before the other kids came over.

Here they come!

Too fast for me to even get a picture.

Joseph brought me his sucker cause it was dirty. We decided to give him a new one.

And here I am snuggling my nephew Kevin. He is only 5 months, but so big! I thought Joseph was a big boy!

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  1. Wow your family has big kids! I can't believe your nephew is 5 months old! He's way bigger than Elle (of course, who isn't? Ha ha).



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