Monday, April 9, 2012

Memories lost and found

 So I came and sat down at the computer so I could post about Easter and such and realized I had not posted since last week. How did the week slip away from me so fast? I looked on the camera (because that is what I use to remind myself of what has been going on) and found that the last pictures I took were of the goodie bags I put together for the kids for conference. 

It was all stuff that I had on hand because i had bought them at a good price and put them away for a special time. And the books I made by folding regular paper and scrapbook paper together and sewing down the middle. The kids loved those, especially Gracie.

So anyway, I sat here not being able to remember this last week (I don't think the sudoku's are helping like I hoped they would) and I decided to check my pictures on my phone. Turns out a lot more happened than I was remembering (or not remembering). 

I started reading a book that I really like (I am about half way through it).

I watched Josephs vocabulary grow (this is him saying "side" for outside).

I painted our bathroom floor. We painted the concrete floor yellow almost a year ago, when the laminate that was in there for damaged, and did not like it so we decided to leave it alone until we decided what kind of flooring we wanted (or could afford). Well we came up with nothing and talked about doing something about it and never did. So one day I realized I had a bunch of paint left over from painting the playhouse and it would look good in the bathroom so I just went for it. And we love it.

Here is Russ going to open the window to help the paint dry. I didn't think about doing that before I painted. Whoops. But don't worry, he has got it covered. 

Now we just need to get the baseboards in and calk and it is pretty much done!!

I spent the whole day Wednesday at my friend Anna's house helping her get ready for a bridal shower she was throwing. It turned out really cute and I had fun talking to Anna all day. 

We also got William a bike that is functioning! He (and Joseph) were pretty excited about it.
Anna came over on Thursday and brought lunch and then watched the kids and cleaned my kitchen while I took pictures of clothes to list on Etsy. Hopefully I will list most of them this week.

I started making a dress for Gracie for Easter (notice the mini hanger someone added to my sewing machine).

And I spent a lot of time getting ready for the Youth Fundraiser we did at my house. It was a chicken and waffle breakfast and an Easter egg hunt. My mom and the mom of one of my young women, Abra fried over 100 pieces of chicken. It was insane. Also Anna came over the night before it and helped me cut fruit and clean my house. 

After the fundraiser was over my mom helped me clean buckets of oil off my cabinets and kitchen floor. Then     she started sewing Gracie dress while I cleaned everything else up. I did put the zipper in {pats self on back} although I am pretty sure I did it wrong. Like I said on instagram that women is the wind beneath my wings. i couldn't not get nearly as much done without her help. I am not even sure when she left cause we had to leave for the Christensen family easter dinner and egg hunt. I will post about that tomorrow. 
Thank heavens for cameras or I am afraid I might not remember anything.


  1. Moms are awesome - but sometimes I get stressed out thinking I can't live up to my mom and be that kind of mom to my kids.

    Thanks again for all your help. I hope you're house still doesn't smell like fried chicken. :)

  2. I need to bring my bike over and go for a ride with William.



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