Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

We love small Easter baskets, or at least I do.

The Easter Bunny got them a new movie (the real Peter Pan) and buried it under some bush clipping in the yard.

um, yeah he is adorable.

Then we got ready for church and I had less than a minute to take these pictures while Russ brushed his teeth and then we hurried off to church.

I made the boys bow ties that morning and I started and finished Gracie's dress and my mom did everything in between. She loves it, it is a perfect twirling dress.

I love Easter and I didn't like that this year it was so busy. Note to self, do not plan anything around Easter. Spend it with your family celebrating what it is truly about. I love my Savior and I love this time of year, taking the time to remember and be grateful for his life, death, and atonement.


  1. Gracie's dress turned out adorable!

  2. So very cute and fun! What a great life your family has.

  3. Deb! Your children are ADORABLE! I love the bowties! Also, Joseph is so big now. I feel like you just had him. :)



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