Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Christensen Easter 2012

We spent Saturday night with the Christensen family. We had a yummy dinner and egg hunt and got to visit with our favorite people.

William moved too fast for me to get many pictures of him.

It took Joseph awhile to get the hang of it but he did, and that is all that matters.

Joseph soon found out what was in the eggs and how to open them by biting them.

He would ditch the marshmallows and jelly beans for chocolate.

Erin making us laugh from across the yard.


All the cousins that were there.

The whole group

Daddy was throwing Joseph in the air and he wanted him to do it over and over again. Joseph is not an easy one to throw.

but Russ did it anyway

By the end of the evening I was so stiff I could hardly move. We headed home and I got to work finishing Gracie's dress. 


  1. Ah man, that pic of Joseph in the air is cracking me up. It looks fake - he looks like a giant doll.

  2. My reaction to every picture was "oh they look so big". William isn't a "little" boy anymore, mom was telling me how she doesn't want Gracie to grow up anymore because she is just to adorable right now. Joseph is just growing so fast.

  3. I noticed on Sunday how long Gracie's hair is getting and how grown up she's starting to look. They all are.
    And I LOVE the pic with Joseph in the air. That was an amazing shot!



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