Monday, February 27, 2012

sweet valentines

This valentines was a little bit stressful. I had planned on making some mini bows and arrows for all the kids in Williams class like the tutorial here. I had all the Popsicle sticks soaked and ready to be made into bows at about 8:00 the night before he was supposed to take them (is this why we are not supposed to procrastinate?). As we started making them they started breaking. Russ told me we would have to do something else. 
What something else!? I didn't have something else!?
I showed William tons of ideas on pinterest of stuff we could do, but he didn't want to do any of them. Just about the moment we were going to strangle each other in frustrations I remembered something. 
Some pictures from miss Lindsay's instagrams herehere, and here. I showed them (actually I only showed him the first one) to William and he loved it and immediately sat down and drew some robots.

And wrote a message on a separate piece of paper. I scanned them both into the computer and then printed them out on some cards that we had left over from last years valentines party.

I thought they turned out really cute. 
On valentines day I told Russ to pick up the movie Ever After on the way home and we all watched as a family. Then after the kids were in bed I gave him my gifts. 

I got him some lovers lotto cards that turned out to be lame. I thought they would at least be funny, but it was stuff like: what? comedy club, when? before April, where? your choice (all the 'wheres' were 'your choice'). It was not what I was expecting.

And then I got him this game which is like scrabble but instead of letters it is words and instead of words you are creating sentences, and it's timed. It was very funny. I was glad we got a laugh out of it (I think it was $.75    at a thrift store).

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  1. Procrastinating is my favorite thing to do ever! :)

    That last game sounds pretty awesome.



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