Sunday, February 5, 2012

The sicks

 A few weekends back before Kayleen's party we dropped the kids off at Connie's to spend the night, because after the party I was heading out to Scottsdale for a girls weekend. And (of course) that night William started to get a fever.In the morning it was really high like 103-104 and he was disoriented. Russ was able to see him on his lunch break but by that time his fever was going down. He seemed to do okay Sunday (the day I came back) but in the middle of the night that night he came into my room burning up again. So I set up a bed on my floor gave him some medicine and a wet rag and he went back to sleep. The next morning and day he acted fine, but I still called to set up a doctors appointment. We couldn't get him in that day so I set it up for the next day, but the Dr. said that if he started having any other symptoms besides fever we might want to take him to urgent care. In the afternoon that day we all watched a Harry Potter movie together and I could tell we was starting to not feel well again. 

By the time he went to bed he seemed really uncomfortable and after he went to bed he woke up crying that it hurt to breath. Russ and our home teacher gave him a priesthood blessing and off to urgent care he went (it was really hard to find one that was open late, but we did).
These are some pictures that Russ took at urgent care. This is him getting an x-ray.

And waiting for the results
Russ said he was really good. We found out he had pneumonia and they gave him an antibiotic and told him he needed to take it easy for awhile. So he stayed home from school for a week. 
As far as being sick goes it really wasn't bad, because it wasn't contagious and he was feeling very sick after that night. So it seemed more like a vacation. Sometimes I loved it and sometimes it wasn't very fun. Like when I had to run errands. I had forgotten how much he HATES doing that and how much I HATE taking him.

One day they were watching Harry Potter 8 and I was in the kitchen and heard the music that comes on toward the end of the movie and was getting kind of emotional just hearing that, so I decided I would just go watch the end.

It is so good and makes me emotional every time. Also it is fun to slow down and just watch a movie with my kids every now and then. Now William is better and went to school last week and did just fine.

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