Friday, February 24, 2012

A date with Grace

After Gracie had earned enough stickers on her chore chart I knew exactly where I wanted to take her. There is a cute little ice cream parlor and restaurant in Scottsdale called Sugar Bowl. Everything in there is pink and it is all just really adorable.

We decided to share a banana split and as we ate Gracie and I talked about what it would be like if we lived there.

Then there is a game room with a gumball machine of only pink gumballs.

and ski ball, which Gracie is not strong enough to play.

And across the street there was a fountain (and luckily an atm so I could get cash for tokens).

It was a lot of fun and I am glad I got to go there with my Gracie girl. Also, after seeing the pictures William wants to go there too, even though everything is pink.

- Posted by deb on the go.


  1. I've been telling Clara about the chore chart I'm going to make her for so long and have never made one. I guess that's better than telling her about a reward that never happens - which is something I'd do. :) Yay for Sugar Bowl.



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