Friday, February 17, 2012

It was a surprise

So when we came home we came to a house full of friends and family. I was shocked and maybe horrified, or maybe overwhelmed is a better word. I just kept wanting to say, "it's okay you guys can go home, my birthday is not a big deal."  
My sister Connie decorated everything so cute and there were so many details of fun things that I like.

She hand stamped this peacock feather pattern using a styrofoam take out box. She explained it on her blog. She did it for a book cover that she made for Mimi and I loved it.

Miss Jenny made a delicious cake (and cupcakes) for me that were my breakfast for days to come.

Look at how great this is...

She even used a page from a (damaged) Harry Potter book where the chapter was titled Birthday Surprise. It is all about the details people.

And one of my favorite things to quote is Abed from Community saying "cool. cool - cool."

There was so much food and unfortunately I was so full cause I had eaten so much already. It was all my favorite things. Lots of cheese, roasted asparagus, avocados, cream cheese with pepper jelly, Little Debbie snacks, the list goes on.
They roasted me and told funny/embarrassing stories about me. My face was burning from the time I walked through the door until I went to bed that night. One of my best friends Lindsey even made a video for me since she couldn't be here and I loved it so much. 

My kids thought it was the greatest party ever. They were so happy to be in on the secret.

And here he is the man that decided to do this whole thing. He did it because I said I liked Kayleen's party so much. Unfortunately he thought that I meant *I* would like to have a party like this when what I really meant was that I liked *going* to a party like that because I got to learn so much about other people. I think it is best if people don't know so much about me. I'm weird to say the least. And obviously not smart or I would have thought about the fact that my birthday was coming up. But honestly the thought never even crossed my mind that they would do something like this.

How funny is this picture? Spencer looks like he is about to give a lecture and Reggie is hold an Elmo doll (that I got a lot of flack for owning that night).

Oh man I love baby June, she is the cutest.

Jenny didn't tell any stories about me, thanks Jenny:)

It was a fun night but shockingly embarrassing. I usually do not embarrass easy so it kind of surprised me and I usually think of myself as someone who has a pretty good sense of self worth. I don't care too much about what people think of me. I like myself, but apparently not enough to think that others should take time out of their weekend to come and listen to stories about me. A friend of mine just blogged about this subject yesterday and how she doesn't know what she loves about herself. The things she wrote helped me realize why I was feeling the way I was feeling and obviously I have some things to work on.

I really am grateful for all the work and thought that went into this. It really did make me feel special. Connie and my mom cleaned my house and did so much work to get this ready. My brother Mark and his wife Ashley skyped so they could be there to make fun of me:) I appreciate all of it, but no more surprises for me.


  1. Now I get it! Little Debbie snacks... That's classic.

    DEBS! You're the best and deserve a party like this everyday (without the embarrassing stuff). I still owe you MY story. I'll email it (or tell it on my blog.)

    And great job Connie with the detailed decor! It really is all about the details.

    1. Thanks Jenny! And thanks for the yummy cup cakes and cake!

  2. I am glad you finally posted so I could know how you feel about the party. I am the same way I love doing stuff for others but feel embarrassed and overwhelmed when others do things for me. Next time your party won't be a surprise so I can ask your opinion it would be so helpful! I am glad you noticed the details :)!

  3. I so wish I could have been there, Debbie! I have just a few things I want to say:

    1. I absolutely LOVE the thing Connie made with the HP book (the whole "Birthday Surprise" thing). Yes, it IS the details!

    2. I also think June is the cutest.

    3. I love the picture of Joseph in his robe. The first thing that came to my mind was, "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!" (Does he have a pair of boxing gloves?)

    That's all. :)



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