Sunday, February 12, 2012

More sickness, I am ready for it to be done

So William was better for a week and like I posted about Tuesday Joseph got sick too. While I normally would be really annoyed with this I found myself feeling really grateful that things worked out the way they did. There were a lot of tender mercies (and I will mark them by typing in italics). The night when Joseph was sleeping in our bed Russ said, "I want you to take him to the doctor tomorrow". So I said okay and THEN I actually remembered to call the doctors office right as they opened at 8:30 (while I was taking William to school) and got an appointment for that same day! I drive really far to go to the doctor because he is a diplomat of the American Board of Family Medicine and the Board of Holistic Medicine, and I like that. It is far enough that it is close to my moms so I called her and asked if Gracie could go to her house while I took Joe to the dr. and then after I could come over and use her surger for some stuff I needed to sew for a baby shower. She said that was fine and then I realized I would need to put William in after school care because I would not be able to get him in time. So I just quickly decided to pick him up from school early. Then we headed to the dr. and my mom met me there and took William and Gracie to her house.
Here we are waiting to see the PA. He was so nice and good with Joseph. He said his oxygen looked low and that his breathing was pretty labored so he suggested I take him to the ER where he could be tested and get an xray. While that did not sound fun, it was made so much better to know Russ was working in the hospital and could come down and help me out when needed. He was also able to check the wait time while I was on my way to make sure it wasn't too crazy. It was only 30 mins.

Connie also works/lives near the hospital and went and picked up a sandwich for me and a Gatorade for Joseph. It was so nice to have her there to help distract Joseph and snuggle him (he is heavy even if you are sitting down).

Joseph had a really good attitude and mostly just wanted to be held.

Russ came down and Joseph fell asleep almost as soon as he got in his arms. Russ was able to help hold him for his xray and nose suction. That is something I hate doing. We found out he has RSV but his oxygen levels were really high so we could go home

In this picture he was yelling "NO" at me because I turned the dome light on. He only woke up once after he went to bed that night. I knew William and Gracie were well taken care of and when we went to get them my mom fed us. They are all sort of small things, but when added together they turn a day that could have been miserable into a day that was not that bad.


  1. You forgot to say how amazing you are for dealing with all of this while preparing for an incredible baby shower.

  2. Joseph's favorite auntFebruary 13, 2012 at 1:12 AM

    Oh, Debbie! So sorry poor Joseph has RSV. Hal had it twice when he was a little guy, and he was so sick both times -- just no energy. Glad Joseph's oxygen is good and that you didn't have to stay in the hospital. We will keep him and all of you in our prayers! We love that red-headed ball of sunshine!

  3. Oh I hate sick children stories but I'm so glad he's feeling better. I know I keep telling you this but I truly mean it: Joseph is so stinkin' cute.

  4. Oh, you poor thing. Poor little Joseph! That picture of him in the big hospital bed just breaks my heart. Glad you had a bunch of small miracles to help get you through.



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