Monday, November 15, 2010

waiting for baby

Before the baby came I felt a urge to have some good family fun time because I knew things would have to slow down once he came. One Saturday morning we got up and went to Ihop because nothing sounded better than their buttermilk pancakes when I am pregnant. I know, I am way classy. I love the below picture because Gracie is cross eyed. I could look at this and laugh for hours. In the picture they are playing Marry Poppins when they take their medicine. This is also one of Gacies favorite things to play.
Then the kids got this special Halloween pancake.

They were both pretty happy about it, as you can see.

Then we took off to a pumpkin patch. I am actually not sure wich one, but it is in Queen Creek and it is not Schnef Farms.

Russ was pretty proud of himself for dinging this bell.

William couldn't quite do that one but luckily they had a kid size one. He couldn't get it at first, but we told him to keep trying and he finally got it. It was great to see him saying, "practice makes perfect" instead of getting frustrated and giving up.

We headed off to see some animals.
The three little pigs. Now Russ wants to get a pig.
Face cutouts are so great.Gracie saw someone else with a popcicle and since it was quite warm we gave in.

They had a bounce house. It doens't matter where we go, if there is a bounce house my kids have a blast.

I could not resist these mini pumpkins. They were too cute.
I made their candy corn clothes. That is what happens when I find fabic for super cheap and look at it and say, "it looks like candy corns". Plus my kids love candy corn. I still need to take a picture of them with Joseph in his candy corn onsie.
It was a very fun family day.

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  1. Becca and I used to play Mary Poppins in the same way when we were little. =) Also, responding to your post about your mom, I agree. She's an awesome lady.



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