Thursday, November 18, 2010

Then came halloween

This year I didn't do much for Halloween. But my sister did enough for the both of us. Look at this costume my mom made for her. She is Marry Poppins in case you couldn't tell. That is a perfect character for Connie to dress up as. Sometimes while watching Marry Poppins I will see her say or do something and think, "Connie would totally say that." Connie was awesome and took my children to Schnef farms so Russ and I could rest and take care of the baby. And that is just what we did. Here are some pictures from her camera. William was Obi-wan Kenobi and Gracie was supposed to be a butterfly, but her wings were too heavy and were holding her down. She was so excited about this, in fact she just told me the other day that Connie took her on a carousel.
William and Gracie loved the rides and William started putting his hands up when he saw other people doing it.

Look at that happy face.

When she got home there was pee on her costume and blue stuff (Slurpee) all over her face. She was in heaven. But we had to get her ready for the Trunk-or-treat and that costume wasn't going to work. I asked her if she wanted to be a cow and she said yes.

Look at this cute cow!

Here is William showing off his baby brother.
And here he is with Nacho and the little lion. That is actually my brother Mark, doesn't he look great?

Next year I will be more involved with Halloween. I am just happy that my kids were happy and that they didn't get too much candy.

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