Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mom of the year

This is my mama holding my new baby. She came out at 3:00 am when I told her I was in labor. She came and cleaned and made food for the whole household while I labored. She watched Gracie and took her out to the car at the end so Gracie could not hear me, and then she cleaned my car out! She slept on a small foam futon on my living room floor for days. I never even had to ask her. She just new I would need help and boy did I need her help. She cooked food cleaned and held the baby when I wasn't nursing him (which seemed like all the time). My mom has always been a good mom and helped me when I needed it, but this year I have needed her a lot and it has made me more grateful than ever for her kindness, love, patience, and hard work. She let us movie in when I was sick with this pregnancy and she took care of mine and the kids every need. She helped us move out of our house into our new one. She helped me clean and organize the new house when I was so big and pregnant and not motivated to do it. She has loaned us money and watched our kids and just helped in any way she could. On top of all she did for me she never stopped helping my other siblings and there were a lot issues going on there this year. She has a lot to worry about, but never let that stress her out too much to help. There is no way to thank someone enough for help like this, but I will say it anyway. Thanks Mom, I love you.


  1. you have a good mama. i could tell the second i met her.

  2. Debbie, Your mom's sister is exactly the same way. And I feel exactly the same way about her. Aren't they unbelievable? There just aren't any better role models.
    Loved having your mom for a visit this year.
    Aren't we so lucky?
    I feel so bad for people who don't want their moms around after they have a baby. It is the saddest thing. I hope I can be the kind of mom my kids want around when they are adults.

  3. Amen. I get tired just thinking about everything your mom does for us all. She is a wonder.

  4. Oops! Somehow we didn't get the point across that Dad cleaned the car. It was even his idea. Thanks for all the lovely comments, even tho I can't take all the credit.



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