Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The day after Joseph was born here we are taking a rest. Can you believe he fit inside me? One thing that amazes me about this pregnancy is that I was not far more uncomfortable considering his size.Check SpellingSo here I am enjoying some of the perks of having your baby at home. Sleeping in my own bed, no one coming to check (what is it they check?) on me in the middle of the night. My midwife, Stephanie and her assistant Jen came the next day to check on us.Here they are getting his huge footprint. They said this is one of the most nerve racking parts is doing the footprints and getting it right. That made me laugh.Then two days later they came back and here she is getting blood from him foot while I nursed him so he didn't even cry.And him getting weighed. He didn't drop much at all and I think he has been climbing the charts since then.I have loved having a midwife, especially my midwife because she is so great. Having a baby this way has been such a different experience. One hard part was remembering that just because I am home does not mean that I don't need to recover. It was harder to stay in bed at home than it is at the hospital. Good thing I had Stephanie and my mom telling me to rest.

And then there is this guy telling me to feed him, all-the-time. Who can say no to that face?

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