Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jedi Training party

For Williams birthday party we had a Jedi training. Here they are learning the ways of the force from Russ. I got the idea to make light sabers out of swimming pool noodles somewhere online and I am glad I did (well Russ made them actually) because the boys could really fight each other and not get hurt. Their little outfits were pretty easy too, but my mom made those for me. They were no sew - just cut.
Here they are searching for asteroids under the pomegranate tree. The asteroids were just balls of foil with treat in them.
They opened them up to find Silly Bandz and Star Wars fruit snacks.
Uncle Mark helped out a ton and got the pizzas for us. Hot and Ready's have saved my life more than once.
Obi-Wan excited about something!
Grandma helping Gracie open her asteroid.
My mom helped with everything and it was a good thing because I spent the first hour of the party nursing and just before it was time for everyone to leave I was off to nurse again.
Here is Russ pouring the "Yoda soda". That was a hit.
The bee's liked it too. Here is Carter catching bee's. His mom was the helpful one taking pictures since I was not really around much and when I was, I was holding a baby.
Pretty soon Darth Vader showed up and they all got to show off their Jedi skills.
They did not want to stop fighting (poor Russ).
Then there was the cake. That was pretty much the only thing I did - the top of the cake. my mom baked it.
My mom even wrapped my present for him. Star Wars Lego's - very exciting.
And then there was Joseph, glad he showed up on time for the party. I am so thankful to everyone who helped pull this off so that I didn't have too. He loved his party and hopefully didn't notice that I was way out of it. I am sure he didn't, he was too busy fighting his friends.
What a little angel face!


  1. Darling party, Debbie! He will _love_ these memories, not to mention the pictures. Grayson's fifth birthday was also a jedi party. Funnest thing we did was to freeze all the kids in "cryptonite." We bought a big costco-sized roll of foil and molded it around each kid, then had these hanging in our hall when the parents came to pick kids up.

    Love the light sabers and costumes you made. Asteroids a super cute idea. You are amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh!! This is the best party I've ever seen. You are so inspiring!



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