Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On his sixth birthday

I was an emotional wreck. You see, my oldest child was turning 6 and my youngest was six days old. I felt sentimental and emotional all day. I got to go to his school and show pictures of him and talk about him and have doughnuts. It was great I loved the little program (for lack of a better term) they had for him. Russ' parents were kind enough to bring the doughnuts and my mom sat with Joseph in the car the whole time. Later that evening Russ' parents came and brought him presents to open. First was his own box of star wars fruit snacks. This kid loves fruit snacks so this was very exciting for him.
Then a colored pencil set with a sharpener. As you can see, also very exciting.

He really was excited about the coloring pad we just caught his face at an awesome moment.
Gracie did really good to just be excited for William. Maybe she is praying for a present for her right here? (She really is pretending to pray here I just don't know why) If she was praying for a present her prayer was answered.
They didn't want Gracie to feel left out so they brought her a small gift. She opened that wrapping and exclaimed, "a box!" You never saw anyone so excited to receive a box.
Don't worry, I showed her there was something inside.
Here she is looking at her new kitty knick knack with Grandma.
My brother Mark made William a white board topped box, filled with markers and an eraser. He loves it and so does Gracie. Sorry I posted so many pictures of William drawing, I just like that Russ took them in sequence.

And there you have Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

Then we played "hot and cold" for him to find his last present from my mom. An Anikan Skywalker to put on his birthday cake for his party the next day. But that is for another post.

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