Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Because of MLK day there was no school on Monday. We had a BBQ at our friends the Browns. We ate some great food and then played a little game called Guesstures. Not this old school game

A new and awesome electronic one.
Everyone was getting really into it and after a couple of rounds I decided I needed to get my camera out. It turns out when you are under pressure to get others to guess an action you are doing your faces become really over exaggerated. It was awesome. If you put the arrow on the pics in the slide show it will show you the word they were acting out. If it says "not sure" that is because I don't remember. If you are one of the party animals and you remember one I forgot or if I got one wrong, comment and let me know.
WARNING: The faces you are about to see are not expressions that are typically see on these faces. Enjoy.


  1. That game was a lot of fun. The pictures are hilarious. Chris's pictures are the best. As for my pictures your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea what I am doing. I am soooo horrible at acting...

  2. Great pictures. gotta say that was one of my funnest times playing that game.

  3. Guesstures is one of my all time favorite games! I bet Russ is the ultimate person to play that with, he is so hilarious! how come no pics of you Dibbs?

  4. Great job on the pictures. That was so much fun.

  5. So we just saw that you posted those, that was awesome. I'm glad you brought your camera. Sad this is our "last" semester to play with everyone...lets make the most of it and the summer. Maybe all our husbands will start a practice together in Ohio so we can all afford a house :)



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