Thursday, January 24, 2008

Better late than never

Before we went to the valley for Christmas we went to the scrapbook store here to get pictures with Santa. They said if you brought a new toy for a toy drive then you could get your picture taken for free. Well, I had some other stuff I had to do there so we went. We went to the valley and I forgot about it. Yesterday I went to the store and they had 9 different prints for us and all the pictures on CD. I thought that was nice and the pictures are good too.

William discussing a certain sword with Santa

Notice anything about this picture?

Her hair looks RED! I love it, it is my new favorite picture.


  1. Grace is getting so big!!! CUTE Debbie!!!
    I was really tired but I LOVED that you guys came over after the movie - so fun to talk!!!

  2. How precious is Grace? Honestly, she is adorable!

  3. I hope her hair stays red. Maybe it will be curly, too. So Fun!



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