Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Christensens

The next morning I finished up some wrapping, we packed up and headed over to the Christensens.

Where we were reunited with Brett, Natasha, and Harper. Well, Gracie was just united with them for the first time.

This is Harper giving Gracie a hug or kiss, or maybe both.

And because of their good eye and great camera (I want one, Russ) we got some great pictures of Gracie. Yes, I had to post them all because I love them!

After awhile we headed over to Rex and Shaliegh's for our Christmas Eve get together.

We had a pinate.

Emi helping Gracie out.

We did a Nativity

Gracie was baby Jesus and did very well. William would only be a shepard of Russ did too.

We did a gift exchange

I made this shirt for my nephew Daniel, it had a picture of his own character, Mike, in a comic he does. He loved it and I was so glad.

And we just had some serious good fun.

And Russ' mom had seen some chocolate hedgehogs (his parents love hedgehogs) in a catalog, but they were very expensive. So I decided to make them. We made about 25 of these and they turned out pretty cute.

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