Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Craft Room Envy

Today I made a stop at the good ole' Martha Stewart home page and they had pictures of her craft room. I this woman for real? Why am I not her?

Can you imagine a different desk for every different kind of craft? I can.



Okay, this is a little too much. You can't really be a crafty person if you are this organized. I mean, after you have used the fabric once it can never look like that again. Unless of course it is someones full time job t make sure it looks like that. Which I am guessing this is the case.

If I had a room like this I would pee my pants everyday because I would not want to get up to go to the bathroom. (Russ actually peed behind his couch when he was a kid because he did not want to miss the show he was watching.) Maybe I could be like psycho, astronaut, kidnapper, lady and wear a diaper. Gross.

This is exactly what I want in a craft room, but I would need more curved lines and color. Martha Stewarts decor is so dang boring to me, but she sure knows how to craft, or at least her staff does. You could take a peak into other rooms in her house and nothing appealed to me execpt how would you like this little space in your kitchen?

Again, it is a little to straight line for me, but the ideas is great. We might get some exceptionally better meals if I had that tv in my kitchen.Or how about this little station in your basement? This is probobally the closest I will ever get to a craft room. Which would be nice because as of right now it looks like this -

Sad, huh. I don't feel too bad that it looks this terrible, because I have not even tried to organize it. I am getting this place in order a little bit at a time. I will probably have the whole place in order about the time we need to move.

I should probably stop covetting now, I am going to read my scriptures.

P.S. for some reason spell check won't work so, Jacie, go ahead and edit it for me.


  1. debbie i just had my own crafty idea. how would you feel about helping me plan my dad's surprise 50th birthday party? all i got so far is black almost everything, save for the white roses on the table. my mom wants to do some catering and have it in our back yard. email me if thats at all of interest to you. i just need ideas and stuff...

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  3. Hi,

    I found your blog when searching for craft room photos and ideas... mine's not what I want but it'll do.

    Have to say that Martha Stewart probably does have full time staff to keep her crafts in order. Thing is, I doubt that Martha knows much about crafting. I saw her show today and she was making up some dragon mittens for kids. Well, good ol' Martha waxed her needle so it would slide better thru the layers of felt and mitten. Too funny that she couldn't get the needle to go thru. Now, her staff shoulda told her that the wax was for the thread, not the needle- a waxed needle never slides!

    So, no worries there Sweet Sauce, Martha's room is just that, a ROOM that likely sees very little craft action! She's likely trying to sell a new line of storage products!

    Bright Blessings,




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