Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My parents 50th part 1

These are all the pictures from my camera.
We displayed my dad's letterman sweater and one of my mom's dance dresses. I think she wore it to prom.
Connie made CD's that looks like records with our parents favorite songs. 

The only decoration that they had at their wedding was an aluminum Christmas tree with blue ornaments so we re-created that. Connie said my mom teared up when she saw it.
Before the reception we had lunch with me cousins and family and spent time reminiscing and looking at pictures of Christmas' past. Then we finished setting up and had a dinner for family (a potato/salad bar). Then we cleaned that up and had the reception where we served soft serve, root beer floats, and popcorn cake that my mom made (cause she couldn't not do something).
Here is Earlene and Maurine (my mom and her sister). These are my role models right here. Everything that a women should be.

It really was a wonderful day and I will be posting more pictures from the photographer soon. 

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