Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christensen Christmas 2012

Brett and Natasha came down in the beginning of December so it was the perfect time to have the family Christmas party. 

It was at this party that Joseph discovered he loved Uncle Don so much and kept running up to give him hugs.

and took a picture of him.

I was running a little behind with the I got them all that day:/ I usually like to be more prepared than that. I knew what we were getting Don and Mindy but I didn't know what to get the girls until that morning (cause that is when I get all my good ideas apparently - the morning of). I was pretty impressed with my wrapping since the only thing I brought was two gift boxes and some washi tape. I found yarn in my car and used paper grocery sacks and greenery from my in-laws bush.
Carmen got some cute little girls things.
Mia and Roxey got a scrapbook/ journal kit

 Then there was the pinata. I think it was Joseph's first and he loved it.

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