Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas morning 2012

We waited for Grandma and Grandpa Christensen to show up and then we let the kids break through the wrapping paper.

 "Santa" brought his skate board.
 And Joseph wanted Santa to bring him some candy. 
 He brought Gracie some nail polish.
 Then the big surprise.

 The Disneyland gun. William's friend had a toy gun that he got from Disneyland and William really wanted one but he knew only Santa could bring it because I couldn't just go to Disneyland and get one. After he found out that Santa wasn't real he whispered to me, "this means I don't get a Disneyland gun. huh." Well it just so happens that my friend Anna went to Disneyland right before Christmas and was awesome enough to get two of them for me.

 Connie gave Joe a train set and he wanted to open it right away.

 Aunt Sue and Uncle Erik gave the kids some awesome drawing sets that they love.
 William and Gracie wanted their own camera and I remembered my old digital camera sitting up on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. So it became theirs and William now takes pictures of everything.

 This is William getting Lego Lord of the Rings from Connie
 And Gracie got a set to make dress us jewelry just like she wanted.
 Gracie (with the help of Russ) made William a jet pack and he loved it.

 And William made Gracie a fort kit and here she is with her head in it.
And this is what it looked like on the inside.

 Russ and I made Gracie some felt toy food.

I gave Russ some beard elixir and shampoo and conditioner. I also put all his mission pictures in an album but it was kinda an incomplete gift because there was some stuff I didn't want to do without his help.

 And I made Joseph Where the Wild Things are dolls.

 Connie also made clay tags that double as ornaments and I love them.
 This picture pretty much sums up how Christmas morning felt.
And this what it looked like that night as I was about to redeem one of my gifts. The best kind!

After breakfast we went to my parents and had breakfast and did the Nativity but I did not bring my camera. Later Connie, Russ, and I went to see the movie Les Miserables and we loved it.)


  1. The guns! I've been so focused on myself lately, I totally forgot to ask about the guns. I hope they liked them. Glad my trip could coincide with your children's wishes. ;)

  2. So fun! I love the jet pack and other homemade goods!



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