Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear William

Dear William,
I wanted to write you a letter because you are growing up so much and I don't want to forget the great things you are doing. At this very moment you are coloring a picture for your cousin. You have become very good at coloring. Without any prompting from me you started coloring inside the lines very well.

Here you are with your latest coloring creation. You needed my help to know which squares on his shirt were which color but other than that you did it all on your own. You have started making up conversations between your toys and it is so fun to listen to. You can also memorize tons of lines from movies and you have now memorized one scripture and the 1st article of faith.
This is a picture you took of Gracie
Here is a serious of pictures that you drew. You wanted me to draw a Lightning McQueen and I said no because I don't like to draw and if I start to draw for you you want me to draw everything. So instead I had you figure out how to draw it. Here is your progress in order. After you drew the second one you laughed and said, "I drew a duck!"

Eventually you got a pretty good Lightning McQueen.
When you run and play your cheeks get so red and you are getting better at letting me put "scun scream" on you when you are going to be in the sun. I love that you still call it that. You love to play with weapons and you could pretend sword fight all day. You also always want to know if people (in movies) are good or bad. Some times it is tricky because you see everything black and white. Sometimes that is nice.

Sometimes you can be so particular and like things to be the right way. For example when you play candyland all the characters have to be facing the right way as they make there way though Candyland. You don't make a big deal out of it you just quietly turn them if they are the wrong way.
You also earn pennies when you are a good boy and for doing the things that you are supposed to. Then you have to give me pennies for everything. Like watching a movie or setting the timer before you go to bed. When we count the pennies on the table you always want them head up and if they aren't you turn them over.
I asked you what some of your favorites are the other day and here is what you said;
color: orange... and red and brown and grey and black and blue
shape: circle
animal: cow and all animals and a rhinoceros.
song: "my special song" (I Will by the Beatles)

The other day I was calling you some silly name and you said, "no that's not my name" and I said "what should I call you" and you said, "Will, that's a good name." That is the first time you have said it is okay to call you something other than William. You don't get mad when others call you Will or Liam, but this is the first time you requested it. Just one more sign to show me how you are growing up and I love seeing the person you are becoming.

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