Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camping - day 1

It is kinda sad to be back from camping, but now I get to relive it through my blog. We will start with day one. We got there in the afternoon, set stuff up and then it was off to the creek.

Gracie's shoes were already wet and made this awesome squishing sound when she ran. It was so cute.
The creek was right by our campsite, but further down there is a spot where the water pools enough that you can jump in off some rocks (if you are into really cold water).
It is a kinda far walk and as cute as her squishing feet were, they were not fast enough. William was so excited to go and see "the door". When we showed him pictures of last year and told him where we were going he could not stop talking about "the door".It really is quite cool and I am sure it seemed magical to him. Except the trash people left back there makes it seem less magical (jerks), but Russ cleaned it out.The water was freezing so I was surprised when he got in this far.This is how Russ brought him back and I wish I had got a picture of his face when he first when in, priceless.
Hurrying out of the water.
Gracie just threw rocks And liked that a lot.But then she did want to get in with Daddy. They did this a few times, crazy girl.Connie wrapped poor freezing William up and carried him, but not all the way I think Russ took over.Then Connie did Gracie's hair. Awesome.
The Russ started to build a fire, or... wait, read the kindling.
And William relieved himself. It was so nice that he could do this. I am not looking forward to next year when Gracie will be (hopefully) potty trained and I will have to take her to the outhouse all the time. Maybe we can bring her a potty chair.
That night they were kinda excited about then tent and it took them awhile to fall asleep and tears for a couple minutes, but other than that they slept beautifully.


  1. I love summertime! and I especially love the extra time with family... be it just small family time or BIG family time :D

    What a cool place! Where is this cool door?

  2. That looks like a fun place to camp. Where is that at?

  3. You have such a great family. The little family and the huge one. I love you all!



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