Monday, June 1, 2009

The Grad Party

Last weekend I threw Russ a small graduation party. I considered making it a surprise, but I am so glad I didn't because it was much better with his input. We had a fun time and I am really glad I did it. Connie came over early in the day to help out and so did my awesome neighbor, Michelle. Everything went smoothly and I was not stressed. In that respect this may have been my most successful party. Here is Connie outside with me waiting for guests to arrive. Here is Russ with some of his high school/growing up chums, Jono and Scott. I am glad they could make it and we missed those that don't live around here.
Russ wasn't crazy about the Dr. Russ sign but my friends and I thought it was funny so he put up with it.
We took a quiz about Russ to see who knew him best. His best friend that he grew up with (Scott) won. (Below in the striped shirt). We had pitas with cheese and chopped veggies

And fruit ca bobs and then homemade brownies and ice cream for dessert.
Our friend Samantha made the brownies and these cute little graduation pops. (Thanks so much Sam)

When deciding on an activity for the gathering I decided it should be something that Russ really likes to do so we watched YouTube. I had originally planned a contest where people emailed me funny videos and then we would show them to Russ and see what made him laugh the hardest but I don't think I explained it well enough in the invite so we just watched funny videos.And he laughed a lot.Here are my brothers looking up some videos.And Mimi brought her puppies.
My parents took mine and my brother's kids to McDonald's during the party (having no kids there was probably the best idea I had) and when they came back they loved to pet the puppies.

It was a very fun evening and I am glad everything went smoothly and more glad that we got to see some peeps we have not seen in awhile.


  1. WOW! That looks amazing! I wish that we'd ditched the camping trip and hung out with you guys. The decorations are amazing and the puppies are so cute! What fun idea's you guys came up with.

  2. You do know I have a name...right?

    Anyway, thanks for the party and congratulations to Russ.




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