Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Party Details

So here, on this blog, I am going to post about the party details of the graduation party I threw for Russ. I blogged about the party on my other blog. Here is what the invitation looked like.

Since he got his doctorate I made him a banner that says Dr. Russ. He wasn't too crazy about it but I thought it was funny. I basically basted the letters on so I can take them off easily and reuse the banner for Gracie's birthday (there will be a lot of re-using of this party stuff).
Here are the tables. The table cloths were made out of an ikea duvet cover that I got at a yard sale and washed a lot of times. Then I added a strip of the same fabric that I used for the banner. A little bit closer now. His school colors were yellow and blue.a little bit closer now. Here you can see the note pad and pencil, the pop quiz about Russ, and the awesome paper straws I got from La Grand Orange.These were our yummy all natural drinks. We had quite a few left over and my kids would drink them and I didn't feel guilty because they don't have any sugar. Some home made brownies done by my friend Samantha. She just called and asked it there was something she could do and that made it so much easier. Our punk rock strawberries. That is not what we planned, but it is what happened and it was fun.Samantha also make these cute pops. Very yummy.
I really enjoy throwing parties. I love it when everyone gets together but I also really love planning it. What I dislike the most is all the stores I have to go to. I was trying to decided why I like throwing parties so much and I decided part of it might be coming up with stuff to math a theme. It is like putting things in categories and I always liked those work sheets in elementary school. Next up is Gracie's birthday party. The details for that one have just come together like it was meant to be. The hard part now is deciding who to invite. I wish I could invite everyone.


  1. I think one day you should open your own party planning company. Maybe Lauren could be the caterer. That would make for one awesome, tasty party.

  2. So cute Debbie. Looks like a lot of fun. You are so creative.

  3. Looks like you know how to throw a party! I can't believe you actually made the tablecloths. That's some dedication!

  4. why in the round world are you not a party planner? i think it's your destiny!! :o) ... you are amazing!



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