Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sigh and relax

Today I am busy packing to go camping at a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL place. I will be here in all of Gods green goodness sitting in a creek reading a book and watching my children splash and play.
I showed William these pictures and told him where we were going and he can hardly contain his excitement. This place holds lots of adventures.
I will be spending time with my family and just enjoy being outside where it isn't hot and it is green. I love green.

A huge thanks to my mom and dad for reserving a campsite here again and getting all the food for our big ole' family so we can spend some nice relaxing time together. I really love my family.

These are pictures from the camping trip last year and next week there should be a blog post that looks very much like this, only all our hair will be longer (except Russ).

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