Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to the real life.

Man, I never post on this blog! I think about it a lot, but don't do it much. I am back from camping which was beautiful. I had to come back and make some lists cause I have some planning to do. I started a baby quilt yesterday and I have an Enrichment (dinner for all the ladies in my church congregation) to plan and Russ and Gracie's birthday party all by the end of July. Oh and squeeze some 4th of July festivities and possibly a trip to California in there and we have a very full month. Good think I took some time to relax in the mountains last week and rejuvenate myself.

That is seriously what it felt like.


  1. It felt funny to drive yesterday after not driving for so many days...funny huh.

  2. I've never seen you with such LONG hair, it's so beautiful. You look amazing!


  3. so fun! i want to go away. to anywhere. i don't care as long as it's out of the sun and heat for a bit. *sigh*

    good luck next month!!!!



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