Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanks for sharing

I have to admit that I love blogging. I love that I keep in touch with people I otherwise wouldn't and that I get great ideas. I saw this on a few blogs and am happy to share it.
Kids love it when I give them food like this and they don't even mind that it is all fruit and veggies. Maybe a little bit of cheese :) I would do grapes or celery, but I ran out.

Only two were left when it was only the veggies left tho, but they all had some without complaint or encouragement.

The kids also loved having friends over to play yesterday. William played so hard he busted out into a fever after they left. I kept asking him if anything hurts but he said, "no" and and fell fast asleep dreaming about anemones. He literally said that in his sleep, someone has been watch Finding Nemo again.

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