Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Week

Last week was sort of a vacation for us (the kids and I). Russ' brother and his wife and two beautiful children came to stay and Russ parents house and we spent every day over there with them. Here is Gracie meeting her cousin Clyde for the first time. She was super loving to him, almost too loving. She loved to run up to him and squeal, "hi beebee" and call him "coot".And here is William holding him for the first time. Neither of them could stop talking about how cute he was. They spent so much time looking at him, talking to him, and just loving how cute he is.and can you blame them? I mean look at this kid! With cheeks and chins to die for!Clyde's big sister Harper was also there. This is her after she let me put in her first pig tails ever. Hopefully not her last cause she looked like such a doll. We always enjoy being around her, she is such a fun, smart, and unique little girl.
We had a lot of fun with her, but the only pictures I got were of dying the eggs.

They both enjoyed that activity.
Mostly I just enjoyed getting to spend time with their family and get to know them a little better. I feel so lucky to have married Russ, not only because he is awesome - but his family is too.
(Easter posts to come with LOTS of pictures:)

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