Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting Motivated

So here is the deal. I created this blog because my other blog is designated for my family and our happenings together and the growth and awesomeness of my offspring. I started this blog so that I could write some stuff for myself. I wanted to be able to blog about my likes and dislikes and happiness and frustration and my hobbies. I neglect this blog BIG TIME. I post some stuff but not even half of what I want to. In my last post I made a list of the things that are going on this month and I really want to report on all of them. So I am starting with Project Book Babe. Yesterday I was a volunteer for a fundraising event for a book seller named Faith. I do not know her personally but there are some authors who love her (and I love those authors) who decided to get together and do something for her. I really like being behind the scenes of events like this so that made me happy, but what really made me happy was to watch these wonderful authors up close. Some of them I had never heard of, but I will be reading their books. I also got to meet my favorite female authors.

Stephanie Meyer, Janette Rallison, Shannon Hale

Aren't they just so lovely?

Here are all the authors and like I said, they were all extremely nice and funny.

I was assigned to Shannon Hale and could not have been happier. She was a wonderful person to talk to and she gave me her camera and had me take pictures. It was a nice camera and I had a lot of fun with it. I hope she doesn't mind that I probably took like 1,000 pictures with it. After it was all over Connie, Mimi, Tamir, and I headed over to Chelsea's kitchen for some yummy over priced dinner. When I got home I hugged my children and put them to bed, Connie called to tell me I was on the news (funny) and when my head hit the pillow I was out! It was a really great day.

***UPDATE***If you would like more on the Project Book Babe head on over to Shannon Hale's blog. You will get to see a lot of the pictures I took with her camera - including the one of myself that was a joke:)


  1. Can I just tell you that is AWE. SOME. I admire you for getting involved in so many things.

    4 more weeks...are you ready? How is the job outlook for ya'll?

  2. Well your pictures are a success every blog and website has a link to Shannon's blog. Way to go Debbie everyone loves your photos.

  3. Just checked out the pics on the other blog you linked to. Know what's ironic? My sister is really great friends with Adam Kump. He is a hilarious kid and loaded with talent. LOVE his music! Looks like you had an awesome experience though!



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