Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The next day (party day)

The next morning he woke up first thing and was shooting his bow and arrow.

 And he got pretty good! He also lost an arrow in those bushes that we still can't find.

 His party was that evening and was planned that day:) I had another idea for his birthday this year for going up to the mountains and exploring for awhile but it just wasn't going to work out time wise so we decided to set up and tent have a fire and watch a movie outside.
 We had s'mores and hot dogs and a cake made of donuts (there was no way I was making a cake that day). I also put out a veggie tray before the rest of the food and the kids scarfed it down while playing.
 Russ roasted the hot dogs.

 I am sad these pictures are so blurry, Joseph was so excited to help carry the cake.
 He got some really fun things...

Then we ended the night watching Jumungi in the tent with blankets and pillows. That night Russ, William, and Gracie slept in the tent and Joseph and I slept inside. They stayed out there all night. It was just like camping:)

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  1. I'm not exactly sure why I think it's so funny you lost an arrow in those bushes... but I do. Still bummed we missed it!



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