Monday, November 19, 2012

Baptism day

This day. Oh this day. How did it come so fast? How is he old enough to be baptized? How am I old enough to have a son who is old enough to be baptized?
So many emotions accompanied the arrival of this day. But I will share my feelings in a later post. For now I will just journal the day. Russ and I spent a lot of time cleaning our house and getting it ready since it had been a crazy few days before this. We were running late and Russ took William to the church early and I walked in just in time to go sit on the stand and lead the opening song. I didn't even get a picture of the boys in their white jumpsuits:( Oh well, it is a day I will remember forever. We sang I Am Trying to Be Like Jesus for the opening song. And I didn't cry. All the kids that were getting baptized got up and sang I Am A Child of God and I cried a little. William would look out into the audience and every time he saw someone he knew he would timidly wave at them. And he did that a lot of times because there were a lot of people there to see him. Everything was lovely and perfect about the baptism until it was time for him to change clothes and apparently I was supposed to come up with some kind of program after that and I didn't realize that. Luckily Anna and Marie got up and sang Baptism for us and some friends played the piano. After it was over everyone came to our house for dinner and we had a lovely evening. I was grateful for all the family and friends that came to support him. 

Special thanks to Connie for helping me throw together the mantle as a surprise for William. We literally did that in 2 minutes.

I am so proud to call this amazing boy my son.


  1. Congrats to William! Seriously, I can't believe you have a son who is baptized. And I love your little family pictures. Your dress is really cute.

  2. Whoa, where'd that lovely picture of me come from?

    Thanks for letting us be a part of it. I didn't even notice you hadn't "planned anything" while he was changing. See, that's why I like you. You're smooth like that.

    And I really want a Krazy sub right now.

  3. Hey, I just came across your blog through Pintrest and was wondering where you go that amazing 8 sub sandwich!? My son is turning 8 in March and I'm already looking for ideas. The day looked beautiful.

    1. I got it from Steves Crazy sub in Mesa AZ



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