Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday boy

On Williams birthday we decided to get him his free meal at Joe's Farm Grill.
Connie met us out there and got him this Batman toy.

And we gave him a journal and a spider-man wed shooter. It shot silly string for a while and then when that runs out there is a water bottle they can shoot.

Then we went home and Grandma Huston met us there to give him her gifts, which were a boy scout hat and a scripture case. 

Then he got to open the thing he wanted the most. His bow and arrow (along with a quiver) from Connie. He had to go outside to find the bow and the hay bale that my mom also got him. It's his target. 

He was pretty excited. 


  1. Hudson cannot wait to be a Cub Scout- he's got a few years!

    1. William didn't even know what scouts is. And he doesn't want to go, but only cause he has no idea what it is.



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