Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage yard sale

When I moved into my new house I met my neighbor down the street. She invited William to come over and play with her little guy and when I stood at her door I saw a rack in her house full of lovely old dresses. I inquired and found out about her gorgeous etsy shops - Flour clothing and Midstate . Now when I go over there I can not help but rummage through the rack, I have no shame. She has a knack for finding some great vintage/retro clothing. I have a knack for finding vintage/retro...everything else, more than I could need or use. I also have an empty basement in my back yard and that is how this was born...
I know I am late getting this info out, but you know how busy I have been. in fact the rest of this day will most likely be spent making some crafts (with supplies from days of old) and getting ready for this sale. I am excited, I think it should be a lot of fun.
On Kayleen's blog she wrote that clothing currently in shops and/or previewed for Sept will be available for purchase at the Sale for up to half off. Have you seen the stuff in her shop.
Some very small person, please come buy this dress. I am in love.

Or how about this lovely? Plus you get to try stuff on.
She has some really great kids cloths too, that my kids look great in. Go figure.

Come join the fun, cause it should be fun. Email with any questions - And don't be weirded out that you have to drive through to my backyard, that is where the basement is.


  1. I am so bummed I couldn't make it. Do you think you guys will do something like this again?



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