Friday, September 3, 2010

A little late

Last week was my sister, Connie's birthday. It was a great day. The day after the book Mockingjay came out. We have been waiting for that book to come out for a year. Connie's plan was to eat at the three sister restaurants that give you a free meal on your birthday. I decided to do that with her since I love those restaurants. Joe's Farm grill for breakfast where I brought her these pillows and my sister in law Ashley and I made for her.

The pillows were a lot of fun to make. Then Ashley was kind enough to take Gracie while I went with Connie to her place and we read...until lunch. Then we went to Liberty Market, yum! A couple of friends met us there that had already finished the book. I am sure that was hard for them. Then Connie and I went to my house because it was time for William to come home. We put videos on for the kids so we could keep reading. Gracie assumed this awesome position.
Gracie loves her aunt Connie so much, and I am so glad that she has this relationship with her.

I know that her life will be better because of Connie in her life, just like mine.

Dinner time came all too fast and we met up with some of the family and Joe's Real BBQ. It was a very fun day that went by amazingly fast. Not a typical kind of day but one worthy of celebrating someone special.
Happy Birthday Connie!

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  1. Thanks for spending the day with me Debbie, it was such a fun day. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillows!!!



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