Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If you don't dance then your no friend of mine

The title of this post is obviously not true since I married a non-dancer, but I wish it was true.
I signed Gracie up for dance and I don't know who is more excited for it, her or me.

I mean look how cute she is in her leotard!!!!

Her first week went well. It is just out of the teachers homes and is very low key. I had to leave (go down stairs) quickly because she was obviously not going to listen with me there. She was just laying on the ground rolling around and being silly. I could hear the music and the teacher and it sounded fun. I wish I was in the dance class.
For her second class I let her wear her tu-tu. A lot of the other girls had skirts and I knew she would think it was fun. Holy moly she looked adorable. We stopped by Trader Joe's on the way there and everyone was commenting on how cute she was.

I was just laughing when I turned around to find her doing this

No wonder she wanted me to put it in her cart.

Here she is relaxing with a banana and a cowboy hat after class.

Doesn't she look so much older now that her hair is getting so long?

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