Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Gracie has learned to say "YES!"
And "no" but it is so much cuter when she says yes. Up until now when we asked he a questions she would just repeat whatever we said and I think add in a word so we would know if she wanted it or not, but I DID NOT KNOW. Sometimes it would take a lot of time and frustration. Russ and I would ask her a question and then beg her to say "yes or no". And then one day I asked her a question and she answered, "yes". I could hardly believe my ears but she continued the rest of the day. Russ and I were so happy about it. And we still are because she still does it. She is growing up so fast.*sniff* To celebrate this momentous occasion I am putting a picture up of her in true form as the worlds biggest... rag.a.muffin.
Okay, okay. I was probably the world biggest ragamuffin but she is close. She can usually be seen with wild hair and a dirty blanket. And the greatest smile known to man. Or angry face depending on the mood she is in. The other day she said, "what the freak?!" Yikes! Sounds like someone needs to have a talk with her daddy.


  1. We're still trying to get Rand to say yes. Right now he says no to everything... even if he wants it. it is very confusing:) I love that she said "what the freak"! It makes you realize how unappealing some things sound coming from the mouth of a babe. Channing started saying "dang it" ALL the time. However he pronounces it "day-nic" for some reason. Quite entertaining.



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