Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009!

The morning of Halloween we made it over to Trader Joe's for their petting zoo. Little Bo Peep was pretty excited. It took so much to get her in that costume and to be happy about it, little stinker. That costume, by the way, was made mostly by my mother and kinda by me. I spent a whole day at her house and I would cut and she would sew. It was great! The only sewing I did was the dots on the skirt and the chest piece of the dress.

She liked petting all the animals

William watched from the outside. He didn't want to go in because he was mad there was not a baby cow (we were under the impression there would be one).

After Trader Joe's we went to the park to have Williams birthday picnic in the park but I will do pictures of that later. Then we made a quick run to a house that we had looked at before so Russ could have a second look with a better attitude (because I loved it and he didn't) and so Connie could come and see it and tell me if I was being weird for loving it. It turns out I am not weird for loving it because she did too and now Russ loves it and we should be putting an offer on it today!
After that we went home and got ready for the ward Trunk-or-Treat.
Here is Woody putting on Bo Peeps bonnet.
And here he is putting it on again after she took it off and that was the last time we did that. We decided she would just be bonnet-less.
Look at the cuties!
The whole Toy Story gang. William spent the whole night running around with his little mummy buddy, Noah.
And Gracie just charmed everyone with her cuteness...well that is after she ate. Before that she was not being so cute.
Here she is getting some candy. She was so cute when she would say trick-or-treat. Halloween is so fun.
After that was done we went home and put the kids to bed and stepped out into our front yard to an awesome adult only party my sis in-law and neighbor put on. There was good food and good company so we had lots of fun. I wish I had pictures.

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  1. Gracie's costume is so so SO cute! She looked adorable. In fact, you all looked great :)And good luck with the house!



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