Monday, November 16, 2009


Sometimes in the last couple of weeks I have found myself lacking. Not doing the things that I usually do (like cleaning my house and making good dinners) and getting stressed/frustrated easily. It's not really bad, but I was trying to decide whats going on and I realized....I am just learning. Russ started his new job last month and the schedule is kinda crazy. 7-7 on three days and then off at 1 (but sometimes it is more like 2) on Tues and Fri. It is not that I hate this schedule, it is just taking some time for me to learn how to work around it. I definitely have not figured out how to do dinner yet and this shouldn't be hard, but I just don't have it down yet. I do make dinner, I am just not in a good flow.
Then there is William and his stubborn ways that need extra attention these days, trying to make and follow a budget, getting health insurance set up, house hunting, and trying to keep this place clean. When I say clean I mean organized because I am finding that we are running out of room here and I have a hard time staying motivated to organize and re-arrange when I think we will be moving soon.
So things will be better once I get a new routine down and learn to work with this schedule. Because it is awesome that Russ has a job he loves and that we have a budget to try and follow. It is wonderful that I have beautiful children (even if they are stubborn) to love, teach, and watch grow. And it is great that we have such a nice place to live while we have to endure the torture of finding a home to buy:)
I just have to tell myself, "don't worry, you're just learning".

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Balancing all the little things everyday is hard work! I'm exhausted just reading your list! Oh and I was looking at your Etsy shop, I think you should really start selling those super cute headbands on there!



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