Monday, November 9, 2009

Picnic Party in the Park

For Williams party this year I decided not to go overboard as I have done in the past. A simple picnic in the park. Because kids really just want to play. The only thing I did was make a cake (my friend Samantha made the cupcakes for me:) the picnic lunches and the insulated, monogrammed lunch bags for all the kids.
Different ones for boys and girls. All the fabric was purchased at a second hand store for a dollar a pound which means it was realllllly cheap.They did take time, but I could do it all pre-party and then I was not stressed at the party. It would have also been less time if Will didn't have so many cousins and friends, but we love all his cousins and friends so it was worth it.
Enjoying the picnic
They played for a long time.

Gracie decided that should could go down the slides and that she liked it.

William pushing his buddy CharlieThen we had cake, cup cakes, and ice cream

William requested a cake with sprinklers and sugar on it. No problem.ReadyBlow!He did it!

Here my kids show you what they think the most important part of a cupcake is. In fact I don't think either of them actually ate the cupcake.

Now time for presents. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said...."presents!" He did eventually tell us he wanted a lot of star wars action figures. Here he is after he opened a set my mom got him. It had everything he wanted, except it had an old OB WAN instead of the young one, but he didn't mind.

He got some moon sand, pretty neat stuffA basket ball to go with his new basketball hoop (not pictured) Unfortunately we left the ball outside and it is gone so we need to replace it.And what could this present be?A cow! When William saw what it was he said, "what?" He was pretty surprised.Then after he was done opening all the presents my dad pulled a little toy calf out of his pocket. They went perfectly together.Here is my mom doing what she does best, holding my friends baby.
And here is Gracie playing with my brother Ryan. She sure likes him.
She also likes buckling car seats and strollers. She never leaves one undone if she can help it.
What a cute little rag-a-muffin

It was a beautiful day and I was glad to see all that came to celebrate our little boy turning five. Not so little anymore;)


  1. Such a cute and easy party! You're so cute though to seriously make all the lunch sacks! I want that pattern from you or at least a link or something! ;) What did you insulate 'em with! You're kids are growing up so fast and are so darling! Love 'em and you too!

  2. Even a "simple" picnic birthday party has cute little hand made lunch boxes for the kids?! How is the rest of the world to keep up with you?

  3. o my goodness! those lunch bags are adorable! did you make the pattern on your own? what second hand store did you get the fabric at? so cute and creative!

  4. I'm glad we came for the little that we did. And the lunch bags were awesome...who would have thought to make cute lunch bags??!!

    we are glad we're friends with you guys :)

  5. That was such a fun day. And I have already had two friends tell me how cute my girls' lunch bags are. I wish I could have told them I made them!

  6. What a cute party idea... and an even CUTER party dress!! Who looked adorable! :)

  7. i love that dress :) and those bags are out of this world. you must be super-mom.

    i'm watching super-nanny right now.

  8. That was the funniest party. My children loved every minute. Good job.

  9. I can't believe you made all those lunch bags for the kids! You are such a cute mom. Your kids are darling!!



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