Monday, November 16, 2009


William is growing up and becoming more capable. I like this. He discovered sometime ago that he can poor his own milk and coincidentally started drinking lots more milk. But I wasn't too concerned because I knew it was a phase and he would grow out of it, and he has. But every once in awhile he will pull up a chair and get himself a cup of milk. This particular day made me laugh when I looked in the kitchen to see the 2 munchkins with "matching cups". An orange one for him and pink one for her and he even got them straws.

I am not sure why, but I just thought it was so cute. Look how big they are getting. When will another sibling come join them!?!


  1. Are those the cups from that picnic ball thing you got for your wedding? We have the same ones (but the blue and green versions). They are my "go to" cups when I'm thirsty for milk.

  2. Wait a minute... are you guys trying to add in another sibling? I know you had been thinking about it, but are you guys actually trying now?

  3. Scott, I am pretty sure you and Russ talked about this in person but they are those same cups:) And Lindsey, yes. I try not to use the word "trying" because that would mean I keep failing:) But yes we want another baby in this family.



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